In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2023

Friday 29 Sept - Monday 2 Oct

Our Gardens


We are thrilled to announce a special arrangement with the owner of the historic Leuralla property allowing us to open its stunning gardens to the public during the Leura Gardens Festival.

Leuralla entry: A simple cash donation at the gate - every cent will be contributed to Katoomba Hospital.  Your visit supports a great cause!

Don't miss what might be the last chance for a glimpse into the grandeur of this beautiful propery.


Karoola, 28 Malvern Road, Leura


Garden courtesy of Chris and Murray Wilcox


The Heathens Choir of Blackheath will be performing in the garden on Sunday 1 October at 11am.


A Coffee Cart will be near the entrance to this garden.


In 1910 a young couple, Alexander and Jane Knight, purchased the land (about 2 acres) that is now “Karoola”.

Much of the land was a well-watered hanging swamp and there they created a market garden and orchard. They erected the small cottage that still stands near the front entrance to the property.

Foggylorne, 8 Holmes Street, Leura


Garden courtesy of Christine Morsby


The Fourtunate Quartet will be performing in the garden on Monday 2 October at 1pm.


Christine purchased the property in October 2014. A huge oak tree had come down in a storm two years previously and the stump can be seen under the golden elm which was planted to replace the oak. On the stump there is now a large planter bowl of daffodils.


Cherrydell, 3 Everglades Avenue, Leura


Garden courtesy of Don Le Quesne


Please note that Cherrydell will be open for one day only on FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER.


Cherrydell is a Paul Sorensen designed and inspired garden, situated in Leura in the Blue Mountains. It is a cool climate English style garden but with a distinct Australian influence.

The Braes, 64 Grose Street, Leura


Garden courtesy of Margot and John Egan


The Riverland Choir will be performing in the garden's rotunda on Friday 29 September at 1pm.

Wombats Crossing will be performing in the garden's rotunda on Monday 2 October at 11am.

A Coffee Cart will be at the entrance to the garden.

Please allow at least 45 minutes to view this extensive garden.


The Braes Heritage Garden Estate is adjacent to the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park and lies between an urban environment and a semi-rural one, with views to the Southern Highlands.  Its original land grants were allocated in 1882.

 Tusculum, 105 Craigend Street


Garden courtesy of Barbara and Nick Fox


Tusculum is an ancient ruined city in the Alban Hills 24km south of Rome. It is situated on the inner slopes of an extinct volcano above Lake Bolsena. It was the summer retreat of Rome’s wealthy citizens trying to escape the summer heat.


Until 1988 the site where Tusculum garden and house are located in Leura, was part of a large paddock. In 1989 construction of a new house was begun and the name ‘Tusculum' was given to the site by original owner who was a German carpenter who built the house, driveway and planted all of the site’s conifers. site was left open and the garden untouched until Doug and Irene Jenkins purchased the house in 1995.


Ewanrigg, 100 Gladstone Road

Garden courtesy of Matthew Muir and James Peters


The Versions will be performing in the garden on Friday 29 September from 1pm-3pm.

Ecopella Choir will be performing in the garden on Sunday 1 October at 2pm.


Ewanrigg is a garden that encourages visitors to amble and explore its intricate network of pathways and steps while admiring the foresight and talent of its creator and those who have nurtured it since.Over the decades many visitors to Ewanrigg have suggested the strength of the garden is the wisdom of having planted trees in the past that now act as a canopy to a series of lush garden rooms.  

St Annes, 104-104a Gladstone Road, Leura


Garden courtesy of Helen and Gary Sturgess (assisted by Jessica Lawn, horticulturalist and arborist).


The Versions will be performing in the garden on Saturday 30 September from 1pm - 3pm.


The best-known feature of St Annes has been its front hedge of Cypress pines, which appeared on ‘Burkes Backyard’ and as an exemplar of its kind in gardening magazines and horticultural manuals.


Tree Tops, 4 Mimosa Avenue, Wentworth Falls


Garden courtesy of Dr Rob and Lisa Marsham


Please note that this garden is not on the Festival bus route and is a 'self drive'.


The Kanimbla String Quartet will be performing in the garden on Sunday 1 October at 3pm.


Nestled in a well-established garden just under an acre and set in completely private surrounds, Tree Tops backs directly onto bushland which leads to the beautiful Wentworth Falls Lake.