In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2024

Friday 4 Oct - Monday 7 Oct

Our Gardens

HIMALAYA, 50 Sublime Point Road, Leura


Garden courtesy of Zoe Taylor and Grant Cameron


The Heathens Choir will be performing at Himalaya on Sunday 6 October at 1pm.

Music Trio will be performing at Himalaya on Monday 7 October at 11.30am.


The property of Himalaya is set on a large block overlooking the stunning Jamieson Valley and the beautiful sandstone escarpment walls of Kedumba to the east. The gardens are 70 years old and have been carefully curated by the previous owners and maintained with the help of local gardeners and landscapers. 


CARINYA, 25-31 Balmoral Road, Leura


Garden courtesy of Karen and Rex Hodder


Please note: Carinya is open for ONE DAY ONLY on Friday 4 October 2024 from 9.30am-4.30pm


The Carinya garden is located on Balmoral Road Leura. The house on the property was built circa 1914 and some trees on the property are over a hundred years old.

ALLAWAH, 31-33 Waratah Road, Wentworth Falls

(Welcome, come in and rest here)


Garden courtesy of Sue Spooner and David Wright


We inherited this garden from its previous owners in October 2022. It was a case of love at first sight. We are blessed that the design is wonderful and the flora well established.

SEASONS, 5 St Georges Road, Leura


Garden courtesy of Brigitte Moseley and David White


Riverland Harmony Chorus will be performing at Seasons on Friday 4 October at 12.20pm.

Wombats Crossing will be performing at Seasons on Saturday 5 October at 12.30pm.


Seasons is founded on three principles:  respect for the garden’s heritage and place in the local landscape; visual impact; and emotional connection.  Built features are intended to act as a stage, with the plantings having the starring roles, chosen as they are for style rather than botanical interest.


EWANRIGG, 100 Gladstone Road, Leura

Garden courtesy of Matthew Muir and James Peters


Ewanrigg is a garden that encourages visitors to amble and explore its intricate network of pathways and steps while admiring the foresight and talent of its creator and those who have nurtured it since.Over the decades many visitors to Ewanrigg have suggested the strength of the garden is the wisdom of having planted trees in the past that now act as a canopy to a series of lush garden rooms.  

TREE TOPS, 4 Mimosa Avenue, Wentworth Falls


Garden courtesy of Rob and Lisa


Generator Band will be performing at Tree Tops on Saturday 5 October at 11.30am.

Fret Buzz will be performing at Tree Tops on Sunday 6 October at 11.30am.


Nestled in a well-established garden just under an acre and set in completely private surrounds, Tree Tops backs directly onto bushland which leads to the beautiful Wentworth Falls Lake. 


AVILA, 110 Craigend Street, Leura


Garden courtesy of Geraldine and Peter Sternberg


A special added extra this year will be 'Geraldine's Garden Chats'. Each day of the Festival at 2pm for approximately 15 minutes.  Not to be missed!


In addition, the Red Cross shop will be open for business each day in the garage under the house.



The Music Trio will be performing at Avila on Sunday 6 October at 12 noon.



Avila is a small garden approximately 15 years old.   The street verge is lined by Ginko biloba trees which, in spring, burst forth in fresh bright foliage.  As you enter the garden through the sentinel Prunus ‘Amanogawa’ flowering cherry a beautiful vista opens to the visitor.


HILL OF GRACE, 52 Sublime Point Road


Garden courtesy of Sue and Brett


The garden was created in the 1970s by Keith Knox, with “crazy paving” stone paths and walls being used to cut across a remarkably steep, east-facing site at the back of the property. The resulting vertical garden is simultaneously beautiful and challenging.