In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2022
We’re back!

Sat-Mon 1st to 3rd October

Fri-Sun 7th to 9th October

Festival Events

At the same time as the Festival there will be other local events that will be on offer.

Please watch this space as others will be added as they become organised.

Other Local Events


The Festival has been cancelled but the following my be going ahead:



The Society of Mountain Artists' art exhibition from 2 to 10 October.

This is being held at “Fairways”, Fitzroy Street, Leura, and among the works featured are many created by the artists in the festival gardens. The works are for sale.


Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba 

Exhibition: “Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro: Post-Haste”
2 October - 21 November 2021

Post-haste showcases the past decade of works by artists Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, exploring themes of obsolescence, collective endeavour, and the place of the individual within complex systems. The artists are concerned with Paul Virilio’s concept of Dromology: investigating how the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature. In an epoch where speed means everything, what happens when nature pulls the handbrake? A Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition curated by Rilka Oakley.

Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm 

Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4pm 

Public Holidays, 10am – 2pm 


Music in the Gardens.

We hope to re-instate this wonderful component of the Festival as soon as we are up and running again.


Art in The Gardens - a unique painting competition

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