In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Six Festival Days

(Saturday - Monday)5th - 7th October 2019

(Friday - Sunday)11th - 13th October 2019


Garden No 7 - Ewanrigg, 100 Gladstone Road
Courtesy of Matthew Muir and James Peters

Ewanrigg has featured regularly in the Leura Gardens Festival for almost 50 years.  Originally designed by Mrs E Stevens, who is credited with having a brilliant landscape talent and who has also designed the gardens of the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort, it has had only three owners since, including the late Carl and Mavis Judd, whose knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment will be remembered by many visitors to the garden in the 1980s and ‘90s.

The hard landscaping of the property reflects a sympathetic response to a contour which falls towards a water easement, crossed by a stone arched bridge in Japanese style, to a level area on the property’s south side.  Separate ‘rooms’ unfold from that point to the left and right.

One of the defining features of the garden now is the maturity of its trees including the pin oak to the right of the front gate, the copper beech and Japanese maple cultivars to the east of the conservatory (added in 2003), and the Blue Atlas cedar, a personal favourite of the current owners, in the lawn area adjacent to the gold course.

In spring a wide variety of azaleas, including many of the mollis cultivar, and rhododendrons provide lavish bursts of colour against the rich texture and variation of both the deciduous and evergreen trees.

Ewanrigg is a garden that encourages visitors to amble and explore its intricate network of pathways and steps while admiring the foresight and talent of its creator and those who have nurtured it since.

Directions to Ewanrigg