In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2024

Friday 4 Oct - Monday 7 Oct

The element of surprise contributes towards a satisfying journey when strolling through Ewanrigg. The planning of the garden must be attributed to Margaret Pratten who, assisted by noted landscape designer, Paul Sorrenson, designed the garden in the 1940s. Sorrenson’s influence can be seen in the rock walls, stone paths and bridge spanning the waterway. 

In 1978 Mavis and Carl Judd began replanning various facets of the garden, assisted at a very early age by their great grandson, Matthew Clark. The garden is currently being restructured by the new owners with the invaluable assistance of renowned arborist, Jessica Lawn. The history goes on.     

The word ‘magical’ is often written in the visitors’ book to describe Ewanrigg`s spring garden. True, the garden is at its most brilliant in spring, however, each season offers a unique experience. Autumn arrives with its gold and rust hues; summer offers a myriad of fresh, contrasting green foliage; winter arrives with a cold blast presenting a leafless, skeletal beauty all its own. In all four seasons unexpected seasonal delights appear. The garden is one in which to roam, muse and quietly surrender time.



 Directions to Ewanrigg