In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Six Festival Days

(Saturday - Monday)29th September - 1st October 2018

(Friday - Sunday)5th - 7th October 2018

Garden No 7: Fairways, 102 Gladstone Road
Garden courtesy of Roger & Rosemary Corbett

Fairways is an established garden, originally built in 1896 as one of Leura’s first guesthouses.

Renovated five years ago, Fairways retained some of the mature trees including one of the Blue Mountains’ largest rhododendrens located at the entrance to the property; an English holly, a crabapple and flowering cherries, giving the garden its sense of place and combining the old with the new.

Formal in design, the garden is hidden behind a large cypress hedge commonly planted last century as a windbreak from the westerly winds. The garden features numerous camellia and buxus hedges, with mature standard flowering cherries and Dissectum maples.

Walking across the bridge and under the crabapple, the pond features three tiered levels built in the ironstone that was uncovered with the garden development, and the rill/creek is planted with hellebores, hostas and variegated sedges.

Walking from the pond through the wisteria walk, the rear gardens are set amongst a magnificent backdrop of large gum trees on the golf course. The garden beds here are in the shade of the Handkerchief tree and Himalayan dogwood.  Some garden beds are exposed to full sun and are planted with classic mountains shrubs, including an assortment of rhododendrens, camellias, azaleas, daphnes and lilacs.

Burgundy foliage and silver accent plants are a common theme throughout the garden, creating consistency and flow from one garden ‘room’ to another.

Other highlights include a yellow flowering magnolia, large pots of begonias and cumquats, lavender, tulips and iris.