In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Six Festival Days

(Saturday - Monday)29th September - 1st October 2018

(Friday - Sunday)5th - 7th October 2018

Dead End House

Garden No 4 - DeadEnd House, 32 Fitzroy Street
Courtesy Robert Brain and Dr Neal Blewett

The planting of this magnificent garden was begun by the Cox family in the 1950s, but the design today is largely attributable to the current owners, Robert Brain and Neal Blewett. Their contribution includes the beautiful ironstone walls and drum pillars, terraces, ponds and colourful mosaics. This is a natural garden, shaded by mature trees, with rooms and corners and few, if any, traditional beds, and the garden is full of movement and surprise.

You enter by a gravel drive between a towering deodar and a majestic copper beech, and proceed ahead between a spectacular flowering crab-apple and espaliered camellias. The drive opens onto a park-like terrace with maples, a pistachio and two huge American cottonwoods dominating the skyline.

From this point you may explore the garden in any direction you wish, and there are numerous places to relax and contemplate. The gravel drive opens onto the mosaic pergola and vegetable garden; a slate path to the left of the lawn leads to a path alongside a stone wall which takes you above a native garden, through which you descend to the pond in the lower garden. This pond can also be reached by wooden, paved or wood chipped paths of varying steepness, all originating from the lawn terrace and passing through a cottage-style garden.

To leave DeadEnd house, you return to the terrace, cross the lawn to the left of the house (by the water tanks) and make your way through a glade bordered by camellias, pieris and rhododendrons and dotted with weeping maples beneath an ancient silver birch.