In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

30 September - 8 October 2017


Garden No 8 - Tandella, 6 St Andrews Road
Courtesy of Messrs. B. Demeulemeester and P. Narsoomamode

Tandella covers an acre of gently sloping, north-facing land. Over the last 12 years the owners have worked towards reconstructing a park-like, “open plan” garden. Tall trees are a feature particularly on the northern edge with towering eucalyptus and black poplars.

As you enter the property a small area above the dry-stone wall is dedicated to mostly native plants with two standard weeping Japanese maples book-ending the flowering beds along the driveway. In the front garden, behind a hedge of camellia sasanquas, is a profusion of hellebores, fuchsias, azaleas and lace-capped hydrangeas. You will also notice two elegant standard Scottish elms.

Just around the corner from the house is the 'Magnolia Triangle' - Port-Wine, Grandiflora and Little Gem - planted progressively over the last few years.

Further along the northern fence, a flowing garden bed holds a variety of plants which have replaced the invasive agapanthus. Towards the end of this expanse is a splendid sequoia, beyond which is the work area and composting site. Above the stone steps is an extended lawn, bordered by a bank of azaleas on one side and a rose bed along the driveway.

In 2013, age and strong wind played havoc with the trees. You will notice the new golden elm, acer red flame, and robinia on the southern part of the land.

There are seating benches throughout the garden, for you to enjoy the serenity of the space and observe the bird life.